Attention to all photo product sellers! Scam from Ireland can steal your money!

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24 Jan 2022, 15:45

Hello, colleagues,

Be aware of one person from Ireland who is trying to steal my money and receive the software for free.

As you may know, we offer different system software (digital product) for Fujifilm and Noritsu equipment.
He purchased C4/C5 software for 100 euros.
It is here:

The buyer can get it in two ways:
1. ex-works (or download version)
2. courier delivery of the disc

Customer purchased a downloadable version of the software and then received a download link that we emailed them twice, from different servers, from Yandex and mega.

After receiving the links, he informed us that he could not install it and needed a CD.
We asked to pay extra for shipping and, according to our website, it has a fixed(flat) price of 80 euros for any item up to 1 kg to any buyer in the world.

In fact, shipping a CD by courier to Ireland is more expensive, here's an example:

He wrote that it was too expensive and unexpectedly sent us 40 euros by Paypal without an invoice and said that, in fact, he had previously paid 30 euros for the delivery of goods from Japan and 40 euros was enough for us and he was not going to pay more!
Exactly in such a tone!
I have all the correspondence with him as evidence, of course!

I think he does not know that each company has its own rules and different courier rates!
Slow post has a lower rate, commercial couriers and the fastest have higher rates.

On Friday, I told him that 40 euros were not enough and we were waiting for another 40 euros to send the disc by FedEx (even when they ask 109 euros, we bear the difference on our own).
On Sunday, he opened a case at Paypal that I refused to send him a prepaid product!
What bullshit!

As you can see, I fulfilled my obligations to him in full, but it seems that he wants to get everything for free because I was forced to issue a refund.
We refunded him the 40 euros he sent for shipping.
But I'm not going to return his money for the downloaded software!
I opened a dispute with him at Paypal and asked for seller protection against scams.

This is a pure scam where the buyer received the software (digital product) and is trying to get a refund to get the free software at the end.
His name is DANIEL GHEORGHE INDRIES, from Ireland.
I will keep you up to date.
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